East Coast - HMS BOUNTY and more

This fascinating tour of the North East Coast of Tahiti Nui takes us to the most historically rich corner of Tahiti Nui and encompasses all that the island has to offer. Natural sites, breathtaking coastal and volcanic scenery, view points and local encounters are just a few of this tour's spectacular features. The East Coast is often referred to as the Jurassic coast and will interest anyone who likes history and natural beauty. The dramatic volcanic coastal scenery of the East Coast is in direct contrast to the classic lagoon and reef scenery of the Western coast.

It is from the Bay of Matavai that Tahiti was discovered by Captain Wallis. On the beach, walk in the footsteps of Captains Cook, Bougainville and Bligh, the mutineers of HMS Bounty, the first Protestant missionaries and more recently Marlon Brando. The 1962 version of Mutiny on the Bounty was filmed from this Bay. The light house and monuments to the Bounty and  Cooks mission to observe the transiting of Venus provide a perfect opportunity to learn about the how the first Europeans presence in Polynesia was felt by the natives of the day and its repercussions since.

We will visit the home and garden a  beautiful beach property where locals will treat us to something to drink. Their local style home sits infront of a fascinating coastal temple known as a Marae. The energy of the site and the natural beauty of the spot in such charming local company is undeniable.

The view point of Tahara or Squirmish Hill, as it was named by Captain Wallis, provides a breathtaking view of Papeete with spectacular views of Moorea in the distance.

The highlight of the tour  is the wonderful waterfall of Vaimahuta in the Tiare valley, as well as our ‘blow hole’ on the coast with stunning views down the East Coast of Tahiti Nui.

Tour uncovers:

  • Blow Hole
  • Bay of Matavai
  • Point Venus and monuments
  • Tiare valley and Vaimahuta waterfall
  • Ancient Coastal Temple (weather permitting)
  • View Point of Tahara
  • Silk Screening factory (weekdays only)
  • Chinese Cemetery
  • Presidents Palace 

Tour includes

  • Refreshments 
  • Tasting of local produce
  • Sunday morning  church visit
  • Papeete city highlights

4 hours - Half Day

Price: 9000xpf / €76per person

Minimum 2 - 8 People

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