'See what our guests are saying about their time with Unique Tahiti...'

A great learning experience!
— Esther Iron, Jan 2015, USA

I have just used the expert services of Unique Tahiti and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the skill and sophisticated knowledge that Tracey Thomas showed while my whole family travelled on Tahiti and Moorea. When I come back to the South Seas I will be in touch with Tracey immediately to ease the problems one faces while traveling.
— William Shatner, Dec 2014

Tracey was our group guide on a wonderful trip to Tahiti and Moorea. It was a small group and everyone loved Tracey. She thought of everything, and was very knowledgeable and accommodating. My wife and I stayed over for an extra three days to see more of the island of Tahiti than our group trip had allowed. Tracey was our private guide for that, and she was fantastic. We strongly recommend her.”
— Milton Jones, Dec 2014

Thanks a lot for the tour, it was really very interesting. I learnt many things I didn’t know. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again.
— Catherine Chareyre, Nov 2014 (Papeete Resident)

We were in Papeete just 2 weeks ago and because we had been there before and done tours we thought we’d simply wing it this time.

Just off the dock street side, we noticed a stall offering walking tours and this tour I can absolutely recommend!!! It was a 1.5 - 2 hour walking tour taking in all the main sites around the city. Tracey is English (married to a Polynesian). She also speaks perfect French. Her information was very interesting and we asked many questions on life in Polynesia etc which she answered with candour.

This is a new tour that has just started - we were her first tour . We walked to places that I doubt we would have found on our own and if we had we wouldn’t have had a clue about it’s significance. She also took us in to the Pearl Museum (Wans) which we probably would not have done on our own and explained the pearling industry. We were blown away by the HUGE pearls. One single pearl valued at $90,000.00 US!! A strand $450,000.00!! She also does personalised tours on demand. I would definitely recommend.
— Anne & Nic, Cool Cruiser, Oct 2014


I would second the suggestion to contact Tracey for a tour of Papeete!  She is very knowledgable and speaks perfect English (as well as other languages too).

We contacted her from the pier and she was able to walk down and pick us up! She loves what she does and it shows.  Wonderful person to spend a couple of hours with and learn about the ins and outs of Papeete.  She is a wealth of knowledge on who to contact on other islands as well.  I cannot recommend her enough!  Thank you Tracey for your amazing hospitality!  

The Pearl Museum was definitely worth a look and we were the only ones there! Anyhow without Tracey we probably would not have ventured inside - sometimes it is a bit intimidating going into places like that when language could be an issue. We loved it. And the staff we’re so glad to see us, but they didn’t pounce on us and were just lovely.

We saw lots of things on our tour - the town hall, Presidential Palace, War Memorial, Gauguin’s Banyan Tree, French Polynesian Assembly etc etc - which without Tracey’s commentary wouldn’t have been as anywhere as interesting as they were. Her stories and sharing made for fascinating listening. I really loved this tour.
— Poppy Hill, Cruise Critic, Oct 2014

We had a great time on the tour - thank you.
— Edwina and Matt Bright, 0ct 2014

We absolutely loved doing the tour with you and it was so lovely to meet you!!.
— Anne and David Nicolson, Oct 2014

A highlight of our trip was our post cruise excursion to Tahiti and Moorea. We were particularly impressed by our program manager, Tracey Manate. We have been on other trips with guides and Tracey stands head and shoulders above. She is resourceful, thoughtful, tactful, and responsible in every way. Her arrangements for a meeting with some Polynesians with whom we could exchange questions and have a dialogue was especially meaningful, genuine and heartwarming. Ms. Manate is a native of England who interestingly enough met her future husband in Barcelona. As a Polynesian, he was serving in the French army at the time. Since then she has lived in Tahiti with her husband and three teen-agers. So Tracey brings the wider view of the ex-pat as well as that of the resident and parent into her presentations and discussions. This gives the visitor a depth which the usual tourist may miss.
— Bernard M. Malloy, M.D. Dec 2012

Tracey did a wonderful, wonderful job of welcoming everyone, sharing her Tahiti, and looking after us like gems.
— Margaret Harkson and Pat Murphy, Nov 2011, USA