Tracey Thomas

About me
My career in the travel industry began after many years of world-wide travel. Initially working for a British airline followed by years in the Tahitian hospitality/tour industry here in Papeete. More recently I decided to specialise in tour programs for individual and small groups around the Pacific Islands most notably Tahiti. British born with dual British/French nationality I am trilingual (English, French and Spanish ). I live in Papeete with three lovely children.

How the idea came about
Having worked in Tahiti's travel tour industry for more than 7 years I became aware of how valuable my unique knowledge, insights and expertise of these interesting and beautiful islands and culture were to visitors. As an independent tour leader and guide, finding quality tour service's which catered to individuals and small groups was, in my opinion, missing. So, I decided to take the next step and start my own firm – hence UNIQUE TAHITI opened for business.

My inspiration and motivation
My biggest inspiration has always been discovering new cultures, ways of living different to my own and the joy of living in the warmth of human kindness. It is an enormous pleasure for me to be part of making our visitors traveling experience in Tahiti a trouble free experience that exceeds their expectations.

UNIQUE TAHITI exists to provide you with personalised guided tours and memories for years to come.