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Tahiti – Is it a country, city or an island ???

So what is Tahiti ???? a country – an island- a city? Let me explain……. I can’t tell you how many of our guests join us on tours confused about where they are! They had the dream, the time, at last the money, saw the deal and booked the overwater bungalow in Paradise! But are […]

Covid on Tahiti and her islands, lockdown, how does it affect you as a visitor?

The Delta virus has suddenly hit Tahiti and her islands hard ! But as visitors heading to the islands during this time how will it affect you and should you go? The borders in and out of Tahiti remain open with International and Domestic flights still operating – all vaccinated guests are welcome, it’s a […]

Unique Tahiti’s blog

Hi everyone, By launching this blog, we aim to deliver some fresh news about the company, our latest tours, share some photos about our happy customers and more. Unique Tahiti is your special family owned partner to enjoy your stay in Tahiti, in a different way of a traditional tour operator. We take the time […]