West Coast Tour of Tahiti

Explore the island on a half day West Coast tour that combines all aspects of Polynesia in one compact tour.

The drive south takes us along the delightful coast road surrounded by turquoise colored lagoon waters and dramatic volcanic scenery covered in luscious vegetation, waterfalls and geographical wonders. On the roadside enjoy the sights of local fishermen selling their daily catch or tradesman selling their fruits and local produce.

The ancient religious site, the Marae of Arahuruhu set against a picturesque backdrop provides a real insight into ancient Polynesian culture, lifestyle and values. Marvel at the stunning fern Caves of Maraa, a local wonder, where the artist Paul Gauguin swam in the cool fresh waters with the local population. 

The botanical garden of Vaipahi with its picturesque waterfall, gets us up close to the vegetation to wonder at its’ size and beauty. On a spectacular black volcanic sandy beach, enjoy watching the surfers as they ride the waves on the shoreline, while we have an opportunity to wonder along the beach and take photographs of the spectacular scenery.

A stop at one of the prettiest churches on the island and visit to the local town hall built in traditional colonial style allows us to encounter the local population as they get on with their daily lives. If the river eels are game, feeding them over the bridge in Paea is fun.

Tour uncovers:

  • Marae of Arahuruhu

  • Caves of Marae

  • Black Sandy Surf beach

  • Vaipahi Botanical Garden and waterfall

  • Monoi Coconut oil factory (week days only)

  • Vaima spring

  • Churches and Colonial style buildings

Tour includes:

  • Tasting of local produce

  • Refreshments

  • Hotel pick up and drop off

Duration: 4 hours - Half Day

Price: 9000xpf/ €80 per person

Minimum 2 - 8 People

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